オーガニック クリア【ORGANIC CLEAR】125ml

オーガニック クリア【ORGANIC CLEAR】125ml

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それは水の濁りを減らし、水棲生物に対するの全体的な快適性、安全性を高めます。 UdoThränは何年もオーガニッククリアを使用して様々な成功体験を得ています。


Organic Clear –ピュアな有機植物エキス

肝臓などの内臓は、汚染物質の負荷が増加することにより、その機能がブロックされます。内臓に損傷があると、重要な身体機能を永続的に維持することができません。その結果、免疫システムが弱まり、魚の病気が発生します。 Organic Clearの使用は、臓器への取り返しのつかない損傷を防ぎます。

•Organic Clearは有用な微生物の開発を促進します


•Organic Clearは新陳代謝を調節します


Organic Clearは安全で使いやすい製品です。
わずかな濁度、または定期的なサイクルで100 lあたり5 mlの使用量を推奨。大きな濁りや魚の不調がみられる場合は、1リットルあたり10ml。定期的に使用できます。複数回過剰投与しでも魚には無害です。


ボトルサイズ:1250リットル用125 mlボトル

Crystal clear water in your tank

Discusfood has launched a new water treatment product which supports the biological processes in the aquarium. It is called Organic Clear. It reduces turbidity and increases the overall welfare of the animals. Udo Thrän has successfully been using Organic Clear for years. His experiences with it:
“I have used Organic Clear over many years in my Discus-facility after I had fed frozen food, such as beef heart. Because I basically fed frozen food only when it was unfrozen, many tiny particles were released from it and found its way into the water. These suspended particles clouded the water unsightly, although the water conditions were still good.
After using Organic Clear the water became crystal clear again after a short time. By the way this product comes from professional water treatment to revitalize ponds, lakes and even small rivers again. I am delighting that now it can help aquarists too.”

Below you find detailed information about it.

Organic Clear – pure organic plant extracts
Internal organs, such as the liver, are blocked in their functions by increased pollutant loads. If there is a damage, vital body functions can not be sustained permanently. The consequences are a weak immune system and diseases of the fish. The use of Organic Clear prevents irreparable damages to organs.

• Organic Clear promotes the development of useful microorganisms

• accelerates the degradation of organic pollutants in water

• Organic Clear regulates the metabolism

• preserves the immune system in natural way
• generates crystal clear water
Organic Clear is a pure natural product of valuable plant and herbal extracts, originally developed for the revitalization of natural waters. Organic Clear has been successfully tested in such natural waters for many years.
Organic Clear is safe and easy to use. Recommended dosage at slight turbidity or in regular cycle 5 ml per 100 l. In case of massive turbidity or indisposition of the fish 10 ml per l. Can be used regularly. Even a multiple overdose is harmless to fish.

Packaging sizes: 125 ml bottle (item no. 25202) for 1250 ltrs


内容量 125ml